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Our staff, alumni and the members from the community will post their heartfelt messages on our Blog. In addition, we will add educational information about mental health and addiction. Thank you in advance for reading, sharing, and participating in the success of Limen Recovery.

The Disease Concept

Why can’t they just stop using drugs and alcohol? For many generations, the stigma associated with addiction is that they don’t want to stop. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is defined

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Addiction and COVID-19

The number of overdoses and alcohol-related deaths has had a massive increase during the COVID19 pandemic. Over 40 states have reported increases in opiate overdoses and other drug-related deaths during

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The Limen Recovery + Wellness Difference

Many people in the recovery community are aware of the successful program we run at Limen Recovery + Wellness. We not only provide a supportive and stable environment, but our

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A Family Disease

With the current opioid crisis invading the homes of families worldwide, chances are many have had some experience with a friend or loved one who is struggling with the disease