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The Limen Recovery + Wellness Difference

Many people in the recovery community are aware of the successful program we run at Limen Recovery + Wellness. We not only provide a supportive and stable environment, but our tough love and structured approach takes treatment one step further. The purpose of this blog is to share a little about our methods.

The minds of people in early recovery tend to work overtime trying to figure out how to fix the mess they have made. False beliefs of rebuilding their life before dealing with the core issue can cause addicts and alcoholics to eventually relapse. In our 50+ years of treating addiction, we have learned that sitting still and slowing down the racing thoughts are the only ways to combat the addict’s mind. It is in the stillness that most find they have the power to face and overcome the feelings they have been avoiding.

At Limen Recovery + Wellness we try to break down the ego and fill that space with self-esteem. Getting and staying clean involves a complete overhaul of the person you once were. This means, in many cases, doing the exact opposite of what the brain is telling you is a “good idea.” When an addict first gets sober, the disease can manifest itself through obsessive behaviors. We try to redirect the resident from old daily habits to a healthier way of thinking. For example, if we see residents displaying laziness, we will have them work out at the gym a few days a week. In the same instance, if we see a resident using exercise as a major focal point, the privilege of going to the gym is taken away. The idea is to keep them out of their comfort zone and get them to experience different aspects of life, in moderation. During their time at Limen Recovery + Wellness, residents must attend two Twelve Step recovery meetings a day and incorporate the Twelve Step recovery model into their lives. Our program has no set time limit, so our residents have the time to choose the right sponsor and be as thorough as possible when completing their step work.

The process of relapse can begin with any line of unhealthy thinking, especially the loss of gratitude. That is why we teach that gratitude is an action word. It moves beyond saying, “I am grateful” and brings it to, “What am I doing to show it?” You can only fight a disease of selfish thinking with selfless acts of kindness, so residents are reminded to ask themselves, “Am I helping out housemates when asked, or cleaning up my mess when no one is there to see?” It is also important for us to help them see through their denial. When an addict accumulates clean time and is no longer in physical pain, the mind can forget how bad life was before sobriety. It is our job to prepare them for daily living outside the walls of Limen Recovery + Wellness and we take that seriously.

Our alumni members would tell you that their experience at Limen Recovery + Wellness is where they found peace and achieved serenity for the first time. The team and I are convinced there’s a power greater than us working in the walls of this house. We will continue this work with the help of our board members and supporters.

Michael Duffy
Executive Director
Limen Recovery + Wellness Inc

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