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Limen Recovery and Wellness started its mission in 1969 as a place for people to recover. It’s grown into a suite of services that combines the wisdom of generations of people who have recovered with clinical excellence and has developed more sophisticated practices.

Services Offered at Limen

Our program develops personal responsibility to prepare participants to return to society as productive and contributing members. Limen staff customize recovery goals for each person based on their specific needs. Our holistic framework allows our patients and residents time to sit with themselves and never be alone. Limen Recovery + Wellness provides a multidiscipline team of peer supports, addiction counselors, an in-house medical provider, a case manager, and a licensed therapist – under one organization and one clinical supervision team from entry and treatment to aftercare.


Treatment Center (Coming Soon)

Limen will be launching our licensed addiction treatment center at the historic 819 N Washington St. location in Wilmington, Delaware. Our 23,000 square foot facility will have approximately 40 beds for men and women. In true Limen fashion, our ASAM certified treatment center will offer the length of stay needed at that level of care, however, our commitment of care will extend to meet each client’s needs and can often be beyond a traditional 30-day drug rehab. Limen has the flexibility to extend care to 60 or 90 days and if needed, add additional services to complement treatment and support a person’s healing and recovery. We will be able to accept patients from detox facilities right into the program seamlessly, allowing the addict to find the help they need when they needed it.

Intensive Outpatient

Our licensed Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) was added to our service offerings in 2023. Our IOP will provide an entry point into treatment and meet people where there are at in their journey. Limen believes there are many pathways to recovery and offering IOP can be a solution for people seeking initial treatment for their addiction or co-occurring disorder or as aftercare in a continuum of care provided by Limen Recovery + Wellness. 


Our outpatient program is built on the historic success and mission of Triad. In 2019, Triad merged with Limen House, becoming Limen Recovery + Wellness. We are driven by clinical care with licensed clinicians who have expertise in addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our populations include all ethnicities and practice inclusivity and diversity. Outpatient care is available for the entire community. For scheduling, please speak with our intake office.

Sober Living

The flagship and historical legacy of our organization is our sober living program, steeped in 12 step fellowship while providing individual case management. We see this method as an on ramp to a life of recovery after someone has been separated from drugs and alcohol.

Sober Living is Delaware’s best chance to build a firm foundation for those in recovery–a recovery not only inspired by the 12 steps but also steeped in meaning. It ensures that people’s basic needs for food, shelter, and health are met while also offering life skills and parenting classes, providing workforce development, and helping our clients find peace with any legal situations.

Sober Living | Limen Recovery + Welness

Recovery Community Center

The Limen Recovery + Wellness Community Center is a place of safety that we refer to as “bookends for someone seeking services.” Our community center offers a beginning and an end point for how people stay connected or get connected with enlightenment or recovery. Limen is building out a 10,000 square foot space into a commercial kitchen and multi-purpose room. This space will be used for programming that will feed people’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, and vocational needs. Our intent is purposeful; to engage and become a focal point for the Quaker Hills neighborhood and the recovery community.
We host programs with our partnering organizations to provided various opportunities for our women, men, their families, and the community at large.


Alumni meetings supplement recovery and encourage active participation in giving back, strengthening the ties that bind us to recovery. Our alumni program is our unsung hero. Our alumni built the impeccable reputation of Limen Recovery + Wellness and is very active. When our alumni do well, Limen does well, and it feeds the circle of recovery.
Currently, our alumni program meets once a month at the Community Center. Our alumni also have active events as well as mentor others and offer peer support.
Limen Alumni | Limen Recovery + Wellness