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My name is Rose, and I am an alcoholic/drug addict, who hasn’t found it necessary to pick up any and all mood and mind-altering substances, since April 17th, 2014. THAT is the miracle and magic, for which Limen Recovery + Wellness is directly responsible, in helping me, along with my HP to obtain, one day at a time, to present. It is a direct result of learning, and then, putting into practice, a program of action, shown to me, by my first sober support network- the counselors, alumni, friends of and fellow residents of Limen Recovery + Wellness. How do I put a lifetime of ‘thank yous’ owed to these countless agents, in a few short paragraphs? In true Limen fashion, of course- GRATITUDE! Limen taught me that gratitude is an action word, so I take action, and put my hand out to the next sick and suffering, to give back what was so freely give to me.

My story is not unique. I started to experiment with alcohol and other substances, for the effect produced—or as I now know it to be, change of perception– anything to escape my ideas and feelings of ‘self’, I was down to do, and I did. I took the drink, and the drink eventually took me. My progression was so distorted by denial and delusion, I was no longer capable of distinguishing my truths from reality. Fast forward 30yrs, I wanted the pain and consequences to stop. After the fog started lifting in rehab, I had a moment of clarity, and admitted to my GOD and myself, that I had no clue how to live sober. When Limen was suggested, I wholeheartedly took it– after all, my family was in no hurry to see me return home. I was as desperate as the dying can be, to stay ‘stopped’, so I made a conscience decision to become honest, open-minded and willing to do the next right thing. Limen became my safe haven, living in community with women doing the same thing I was—trying to get another day.

Selfcare started with keeping in a routine, or conditioning, of getting up in the morning, proper nutrition, showering and keeping clean clothes. Immediately followed by prayer and meditation, along with daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, I would begin to master the ordinary. Limen afforded me the small disciplines that would, one day, make the BIGGEST rule, for THIS alcoholic, attainable— I became able, one day at a time, to no longer “but the lie”, that I can drink safely, sanely and socially. The counselors in Limen Recovery + Wellness loved me until I felt worthy of loving myself. Through self-examination, honest appraisal, identifying behaviors, and adopting new ideas and attitudes, I learned acceptance, and started to clean up the wreckage of my past. I would be saturated in the Program of AA,

and work with a sponsor, who has shown me how to stay right where my feet are, to remain present. To say that my life has changed exponentially, in the Realm of the Spirit, would absolutely be an understatement.

Today, I live a life beyond my wildest dreams– I am a productive member of society. I am a wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend. My family has affectionately titled Limen Recovery + Wellness, as “The House that Brought You Home”, and there have never been truer words spoken. We are all here because someone never gave up on us, thank you, Limen Recovery + Wellness for being a huge “someone” in my process!


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