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Limen History

Organization for Alcoholics and Addicts

The Limen House is a 501(c)(3) organization for alcoholics and addicts recovering from their disease, founded in 1969 by St. Andrews Church in Wilmington. The word li’-men is a scientific term of Latin origin that means threshold, the place or point of entering or beginning; the point at which a physiological or psychological effect begins to be produced.

Getting the endeavor off the ground took great effort. Collaborations with officials from the Alcoholic Commission, the Department of Mental Health, the Mental Health Association, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other community agencies existed to facilitate the rehabilitation of alcoholics.

Four Sober Livings

Limen Recovery + Wellness operates four separate recovery houses and an outpatient service. These houses are models for other halfway houses in Delaware and other states. Both our residence and outpatient’s success relies on the continual integration of best practices and our loving kindness, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness toward those struggling with addiction and mental illness. Human beings are valuable, unique, and vulnerable and deserve multiple chances. Our goal is to meet the people we serve where they are and to walk with them on their path to recovery.

Our Sober Living Homes:

  • Men’s House Level 3, 600 W. 10th Street. (16 beds, 2000)
  • Women’s House Level 3, 1909 Baynard Boulevard (11 beds, 2015)
  • Men’s House Level 2, 624 Broom Street (9 beds, 2015)
  • Women’s House Level 2, 1900 Washington Street (9 beds, 2017)

Limen House and TRIAD Have Merged

As of June 1, 2020, Limen House and TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services have merged into a single non-profit organization – Limen Recovery + Wellness. TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services, formally called Trinity Alcohol and Drug Program, was created as a church ministry as a center where those struggling with addiction could come for help when few other resources were available in the community. The merger allows Limen Recovery + Wellness to provide myriad benefits to Delaware’s recovery community, such as mental health support from an Outpatient program and clinical services to our residents at Limen sober living.