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Meet Our Team

The Limen Recovery + Wellness team is the heart and soul of our daily commitment to those we treat. Each person has a desire to serve the addict who is suffering and their community.
Mike Duffy | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Mike Duffy


Executive Director

Michael is a proud alumnus of Limen Recovery + Wellness. He started working as a counselor for the organization in 2005 and is still passionate about its mission. He is committed to helping men and women recover in a safe, supportive, and homelike environment, and he brings a unique approach to the 12-step recovery model. Michael is an active member of the Behavioral Health Consortium, and he was recently appointed to the Overdose Death Commission by the Attorney General’s Office.

Cindy Kresge


Administrative Executive Assistant

Cindy has had a long career in the human services industry. She began working in the hospitality sector and then moved on to work at The YMCA of Delaware before transitioning to corrections. During her time in corrections, Cindy honed her skills and gained expertise in moving projects forward and managing human-facing organizations. With over a decade of administrative experience and wisdom, Cindy joined Limen Recovery + Wellness, where she currently serves as Michael Duffy’s executive assistant.

Cindy Kresge | Limen Recovery + Wellness
Eric Robinson | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Eric Robinson, MSW, CADC, CCS


Eric has had a successful career in human services. He began with grassroots initiatives in under-resourced communities. He earned an MSW from Rutgers University. Eric has worked in corrections in Delaware and New Jersey, where he gained consulting, executive management, and corporate training expertise. With over a decade of administrative experience, Eric joined Limen Recovery + Wellness in the Spring of 2023.

Nicole Ferretti


Intake Coordinator

Nicole is an alumni member of Limen Recovery + Wellness and their Intake Coordinator since May 2023. Having gone through the programs herself, she understands their transformative impact and is dedicated to guiding individuals toward recovery. Nicole evaluates their needs, assists in the admission process, and looks forward to helping you or your loved ones take the first steps to a brighter future.

Kyara Beck | Limen Recovery + Wellness



Clinical Supervisor

Kyara is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health (LPCMH) in Delaware and New Jersey. She is also a Nationally Certified Counselor, an Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Certified Clinical Forensic Counselor, and a Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Provider. After spending years in the correctional substance use treatment field, she joined the Limen Recovery + Wellness team. Kyara is experienced in working with clients with Co-occurring Disorders and helping them reenter society. As a clinician, she uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, client-specific therapy modalities, and Emotional Intelligence-focused psychoeducation to reduce self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and sustain a commitment to the client’s comeback story. Kyara is an undying optimist and a grateful member of the recovery community. She believes that while a person alone can do it, they cannot do it alone. She brings creative and responsive ways to understand addiction and the mind, body, and spirit of recovery for various populations. She also provides practical methods to live one day at a time.

Heli Katrina Sõrra, LMSW


Clinical Therapist

Heli is a licensed social worker in Delaware with a master’s degree. She has a personal experience of recovery and firmly believes that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness are essential for recovery from addiction, trauma, and other mental health struggles. Heli understands that coming to therapy can be challenging and clients may feel vulnerable, so she creates a safe and courageous space for healing, working collaboratively to meet them where they are. She strives to provide her clients with a non-judgmental, inclusive, culturally responsive, and identity-affirming space. Heli uses different modalities like CBT, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness to meet the diverse needs of individuals. She is a native Spanish speaker and offers therapeutic services in English and Spanish. Heli started her career working with children and families affected by foster care, addiction, mental health, grief/loss, and trauma and is a certified Functional Family Therapist. Heli is pursuing a Certification in Traumatic Stress, as well as her LCSW and CAADC.

Heli Katrina Sõrra | Limen Recovery + Wellness
Mallory Giles | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Mallory Giles, LCSW, CAADC



Mallory is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in Delaware and Alabama. Mallory primarily utilizes cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and specializes in the treatment of chemical addictions, co-occurring and dual diagnoses, trauma, and mood disorders. She treats addiction as a disease and works with clients to develop a personalized recovery and relapse prevention plan. Mallory earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern Mississippi and a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of South Alabama and has obtained her CAADC (Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor).

Amy Saltarelli, CADC


Residential Program Manager

Amy is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Temple University in 2003. She joined the Limen Recovery + Wellness team in June of 2016 as the Program Manager for the Women’s Level II residence. She moved into the Program Manager role for the Women’s Level III residence. She is currently serving as an Intensive Outpatient Counselor and helping build the capacity of their outpatient program.

Amy Saltarelli | Limen Recovery + Wellness
Ashley Reed | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Ashley Reed


Women's Level 3 Program Manager

Ashley is a Limen Recovery + Wellness alumna associated with the program since 2016. She has been active in the alumni program and is also involved in the AA community in Wilmington. Ashley has a history of helping those struggling with addiction through the 12 steps and sponsorship. In May 2021, she joined Limen Recovery + Wellness as a Case Manager at their Level III Women’s sober living residence and was thrilled to be part of the team. Working at Limen has given her a sense of purpose — to help women in recovery develop a healthy lifestyle.

Sean McCauley, CADC


Residential Program Manager

Sean is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from The University of Salisbury in 1986. Sean is currently the Program Manager for the Men’s Level 3 residence. Sean previously worked with Meadow Wood and Rockford hospitals as a mental health worker and with the admissions departments. Sean was employed at Sojourners Place as a case manager from 2000-2010, helping people experiencing homelessness find local advocacy for empowerment. Sean is active in the recovery community and committed to helping men find their spiritual process toward recovery using the 12-step recovery model.

Sean McCauley | Limen Recovery + Wellness
Tim Brainard | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Tim Brainard


Case Manager

Tim is a grateful Limen Recovery + Wellness Alumni member from 2015, passionate about carrying the spirit of Limen Recovery + Wellness and the 12-step model to those struggling with addiction. Tim found a calling after his experience in Limen Recovery + Wellness for helping others through AA and 12 Step fellowship, which presented purpose professionally. Before Limen Recovery + Wellness, Tim worked in the field with those who were struggling with persistent mental health and substance abuse issues, offering hope and an example that recovery is possible. Tim believes in the Limen Recovery + Wellness mission statement and desires to provide a safe, healing space to break the cycle of addiction.

Vincent Garibaldi


Men's Level 2 Program Manager

After completing the program, Vinnie entered the Limen Recovery + Wellness Alumni in 2010 and remained active as an alumnus. Vinnie founded the Amethyst Ball, a successful annual fundraising event benefitting Limen Recovery + Wellness. In August 2016, he joined the Limen Recovery + Wellness team.

Vincent Garibaldi | Limen Recovery + Wellness
Michael Webster | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Michael Webster, MS


Director of Advancement

Mike Webster joined Limen Recovery + Wellness in November 2022. Mike’s recovery journey brought him to Limen with over 17 years of nonprofit experience in institutional effectiveness, advancement, and engagement. He earned his bachelor’s in strategic and organizational leadership at the University of Scranton and a master’s in strategic and organizational leadership at Neumann University. Mike’s experience spans operational program management, alumni services, and direct fundraising at Neumann University and Salesianum. Today, Mike lives with his wife and four kids in the north Wilmington area, accompanied by two cats and an aging dog.

Beth Undercuffler


Finance and IT Manager

Beth had a 30-year career in various roles such as human resources, payroll and benefits, customer service, and office administration before joining Limen Recovery + Wellness in January 2011. Her significant experience has equipped her well for this opportunity, and she is immensely thankful for it.

Leandra Moore | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Leandra Moore


Quality Assurance and Billing Coordinator

Leandra joined Limen Recovery + Wellness as a Program Support Administrator in January 2022. She had previously worked temporarily for Limen over the last five years, providing office support and special events. Leandra’s experience in correctional healthcare billing supports her role in their outpatient program. She is the child of a Limen House alumni.

Olivia Tennant

Development Associate

Olivia is completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Statistics. Since joining the team in March 2022, Olivia is responsible for managing their data and completing important research about Limen Recovery + Wellness.

Jay Poole


Facilities Coordinator

Laura Henshaw

(she/her/hers or they/them/theirs)


Laura joined Limen Recovery + Wellness in April 2023 as their front desk receptionist and office assistant. After studying social work and criminal justice in high school and college, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Criminal Justice in 2010. She has always been passionate about helping others and is excited to be a part of the Limen team.

Laura Henshaw | Limen Recovery + Wellness