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Limen Alumni Program

Limen Recovery + Wellness Alumni community is an integral component of the support system for former residents and patients with a shared experience at Limen Recovery + Wellness in Wilmington, Delaware. Our Alumni program is designed to enrich the recovery journey and lives of its alumni through active participation in the community and to enhance our comprehensive continuum of care with current residents and patients.

Limen’s commitment to the recovering person encompasses various elements, including professional development, support resources for different recovery phases, social engagement, service opportunities, and spiritual development. This multifaceted approach aims to deepen the connection within the community at large and within the recovery community.

Alumni Overview at Limen Recovery + Wellness

Limen Recovery + Wellness is a beacon of hope and healing for individuals grappling with addiction and mental health issues. Located in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, it offers a safe space for our patients, residents, and former colleagues to practice treatment methods they have learned and welcome and connect with those who are stepping into their new sober life and sober networks.

Limen’s history is grounded in the 12-step philosophy and we encourage old and young alumni alike to take part in our alumni engagement. We are active with our community members, community programs, and with those seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Limen Alumni Organization | Limen Recovery + Wellness

Alumni Events - Engage and Network

The Alumni community at Limen Recovery + Wellness is more than just a support group; it’s a family of individuals who have walked similar paths and share a common bond of overcoming challenges related to addiction and mental health. Our alumni programs extend beyond traditional treatment. From seeking careers to attending a university, Limen promotes alumni engagement understanding how people overcoming past challenges is crucial for long-term recovery and wellness.

Professional Development Opportunities

Recognizing the importance of professional fulfillment in recovery, Limen’s Alumni promotes and supports various opportunities and events for career growth and development.

These include workshops, networking events, and mentorship programs that empower alumni to rebuild their professional lives and find meaningful employment. This not only aids in financial stability but also boosts self-esteem and creates a sense of purpose.

Services and Resources in Recovery Phases

The journey of recovery is marked by different phases, each with its unique challenges. Limen Alumni programs offer support and resources for every phase during the recovery process. We want to ensure that individuals have access to the necessary tools and guidance to meet their goals. From early recovery to long-term maintenance, our Alumni programs meet the evolving needs of its alumni.

Social Engagement and Building Connections

Social engagement is a critical aspect of Limen Alumni. We always have upcoming events and even virtual events. Regular social events, gatherings, and group activities provide a platform for alumni to connect, share experiences, and build a supportive network. These social connections reinforce a sense of community and belonging, which is essential for sustained recovery.

Giving Back to the Community

Service to others is a core principle of the Limen philosoph. The Alumni engage and facilitate various service opportunities, allowing our alumni and their family and friends to give back to the community. This aspect of the program not only benefits the wider community but also enhances the personal growth of the alumni, instilling a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Spiritual Development and Personal Growth

Spiritual development is another cornerstone of Limen’s Alumni. Various activities and resources are available to explore and deepen spiritual connections, regardless of individual beliefs or religious affiliations. This spiritual exploration contributes to overall personal growth and helps in finding inner peace and strength.

Impact on Alumni and Their Journey

The impact of Limen’s Alumni programs on its members is profound and multifaceted. Alumni often report a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and direction in their lives. The program’s holistic approach addresses not just the symptoms of addiction but the underlying issues, fostering deep, lasting change.

Alumni Events and Initiatives

The Limen Recovery + Wellness Alumni community plays a pivotal role in the recovery journey of its members. By offering alumni events and initiatives surrounding helping others and ourselves, professional development, support, social engagement, service opportunities, and spiritual growth, the program ensures that its alumni are not just surviving but thriving.

The Limen Recovery + Wellness community stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of a supportive, caring network in the journey towards lasting and life-long recovery.

Learn more about our Alumni programs and how to engage and connect with the Limen organization and participate with our wonderful alumni.