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Outpatient Services

Limen Recovery + Wellness provides affordable, and no-cost counseling options to individuals 18 and over affected by addiction and mental health disorders. The Outpatient Team provides an objective yet supportive assessment of the mental health treatment and mental health services needed for every individual seeking care, including substance use disorder. Each treatment plan guides patients to learn new coping skills, develop a strong connection with themselves and a strong support system. To receive treatment from our outpatient center, please contact us today.

Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

In the bustling city of Wilmington, Delaware, Limen Recovery + Wellness stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. With a growing need for mental health treatment, the services offered by Limen provide an essential lifeline to those in need. The focus on outpatient mental health and addiction treatment and the diverse range of programs available, including intensive outpatient programs and sober living, reflect Limen’s commitment to affordable, accessible, and effective addiction and mental health treatment in Delaware.

The Outpatient Treatment Approach of Limen Recovery

Limen Recovery + Wellness offers a comprehensive range of residential treatment, an intensive outpatient program, sober living, and addiction and mental health treatment programs that cater to those in need. The core of their service is the belief that recovery and wellness are attainable for every individual. This belief is actualized through their outpatient addiction and mental health services and treatment programs, which are designed not just to treat mental illness but to promote a holistic recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

Outpatient services at Limen encompass and welcome those wanting recovery from alcohol and drug abuse as well as mental illness diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions or behavioral health issues. The benefit of outpatient mental health and addiction services ensures treatment is not just effective but also accessible to those who have work, family, or educational commitments.

Limen provides structured support for those clients in our outpatient treatment programs. A person needing mental health care can enter and gain services on an outpatient basis. Offering individual counseling and therapy, marriage therapy, and family therapy for those in need. Every client develops a treatment plan that is tailored to the patient’s unique circumstances.

Outpatient treatment is more flexible than inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient programs as they are based on appointments versus structured modalities and supervision. Outpatient mental health treatment and outpatient addiction treatment programs are often utilized as a safety net as a person transition from a high level of care.

Comprehensive Services Catering to a Spectrum of Needs

Limen’s services are diverse, addressing a range of mental health issues and substance use disorders. The center provides specialized programs for conditions like bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorders. Our treatment approach to each disorder combines clinical expertise with a deep understanding of the emotional and social factors that influence recovery.

Limen Recovery + Wellness Outpatient Services Includes:

Behavioral Health Outpatient Therapy: Targeting a broad spectrum of mental health and addiction issues, this clinical therapy focuses on developing new coping skills and strengthening the patient’s support system.

Substance Abuse Treatment: Tailored to individuals and families battling addiction, these programs range from counseling to more intensive treatment options. Alcohol and drugs affect.

Family Therapy: Recognizing the role of family in recovery, Limen offers therapy sessions that involve family members and building a strong support system. Family members are able to bring their own concerns and can develop their own outpatient therapy separate from their loved ones.

Case Management Services: These services provide additional patient support, helping patients navigate the complexities of recovery, from managing symptoms to dealing with insurance and employment challenges.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Limen offers an intensive outpatient program for those requiring more support than traditional outpatient services. An intensive outpatient program is ideal for individuals transitioning from inpatient treatment or those adults who need a structured treatment plan without the full-time commitment of inpatient and residential treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): The Limen IOP program will involve several hours of structured group therapy a week, providing a bridge between residential treatment and traditional hospital outpatient services.

Our unique step-down process from residential keeps patients involved until they can start outpatient treatment. Often, patients transfer to sober living and begin outpatient at that time. Limen does offer what is known as a partial hospitalization program that runs over three hours a day a person can live at home while participating. Treatment centers that offer PHP most likely do not have the ability to offer sober living and residential care in the way Limen does. If additional services are ever needed, our intensive outpatient program staff works with individuals to ensure their needs are addressed.

Most patients find comfort when they are in Limen’s residential program as they initially address and learn about their addiction and mental health disorders more quickly. Patients eat, sleep, and get and become acclimated to the safety cocoon created with 24/7 staff. Once a patient is ready to step down in their level of care to outpatient services, they begin to test the waters and continue their addiction and if needed, their mental health treatment by participating in ongoing outpatient treatment.

The Role of Counseling and Support Groups

Counseling is a cornerstone of Limen’s approach. Individual and group counseling sessions provide a safe space for patients to explore their issues, learn new coping strategies, and connect with others facing similar challenges. Support groups, in particular, are invaluable in fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Emphasizing a Holistic and Personalized Approach

Limen understands that each person’s journey to wellness is unique. Our treatment plans are personalized, taking into account the individual’s mental health issues, substance use history, and the person and personal goals. The focus is not just on treating symptoms but on building a foundation for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Facilitating Recovery in a Clinical Setting

The clinical setting of Limen provides a controlled environment where patients can focus on their recovery and learn to live with the distractions and triggers of everyday life. This setting, coupled with a team of experienced professionals, ensures that patients receive and maintain the highest quality of care.

Insurance and Affordability

One of the key aspects of Limen’s services is their commitment to making treatment affordable and accessible. We offer clients a range of no-cost and low-cost options, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder anyone from receiving the help they need. Limen Recovery + Wellness Center also works with various insurance providers, making it easier for patients to access our services.

Location and Accessibility

Limen Recovery + Wellness is conveniently located on Washington Street in Wilmington, Delaware. This location is easily accessible from I-95 or Route 52, ensuring that individuals from Wilmington and surrounding areas can avail of their services without undue travel stress.

Limen A Path to Recovery and Wellness

Limen Recovery + Wellness in Wilmington, Delaware, offers a comprehensive array of outpatient addiction and mental- healthcare services. Our focus on personalized care, combined with a wide range of treatment options and a commitment to affordability.

Counseling is offered five days a week, with daytime and evening appointments available. Our community center has various hours for families to participate in therapy groups. For adults who are seeking only addiction or mental health treatment programs, we are available and able to help.

For anyone struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse, Limen provides a path to recovery, support, and, ultimately, a renewed sense of wellness.